The Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

We could not leave Needles, CA fast enough. I called the Lake Mead RV Village to find out how early we could arrive, they graciously said we were welcome to come at 11:00 rather than their usual 1:00. We had the RV packed and on the road by 9 and were on the way soon after. US 95 north from Needles was OK, it was surrounded by dessert and framed by mountains. We observed a memorial along the road commenting on a US Army Desert Training Center from WWII. It was Soomth sailing into Boulder City, NV and out to Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Of course, our Senior Card gave us free entry.

The campground was Ok, it needs some updating, and a few trees would be nice, but we had a beautiful view of the lake.

With the heat, we felt Gracie was due for a beauty treatment. I called around and found a groomer with an opening for that day. After dropping her off, we walked and drove around Boulder City. It is a lovely town, a few hotels/casinos, a few restaurants and lots of fast food. Gracie looked great in her new do.

The heat was really unbelievable for us Ohioans, so we stayed indoors until evening, then enjoyed the sunset on our patio, at a cool 90 degrees.

The Hoover Dam is one of the significant achievements of American engineering. Years in the planning it was built in only 5 years, two years under the target date. In addition to being an engineering marvel, significant efforts were made to add Art-deco flourishes to it. Situated in Black Canyon on the Arizona-Nevada line (it was initially planned for Boulder Canyon) it created Lake Year, one of the largest and the first National Recreation Areas. The dam was originally named Boulder Dam, but in 1947 by joint resolution of Congress, it was renamed Hoover Dam in honor of President Herbert Hoover. The dam protects down river areas from flooding and provides electric power for millions of Americans. For more information:

Hoover Dam

Lake Mead is impressive, this huge lake situated in the middle of the desert. We loved watching the sunrise and sunset over the lake from our patio at the RV park but wanted to view both the dam and lake from the water. Strange as it seems there is a riverboat on Lake Mead that offers daily tours. We took the noon tour down the lake to the canyon and the dam. It was an enjoyable afternoon cruise and much cooler than on the shore.

Lake Mead Cruise

Next stop Las Vegas.